Sunday, January 30, 2005

Nuggets take out the Pacers

The Nuggets won last Saturday with a score of 95-88. With Kenyon Martin having scored 25 points, the Nuggets appeared strong against the Pacers. This hasn’t been the typical trend.

Denver has only won 5 games out of the last 21 on the road; winning only 2 in their last 5 game road swing. They no longer have the presence of the elite team that they once were. Right now, the team is trying to focus on rebuilding and they proved in this game that this ability still remains.

"My guys were tired, but they knew they had to defend to win the game. The second half was not a great performance offensively, but we found a way to do some things. They got tired, lost a lead, got it back and fought through to the end." – George Karl

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