Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bobcats smoke the Nuggets

After a seven-game losing streak, the Charlotte Bobcats took the victory from the Denver Nuggets. It came through as a very close game; final score 94-88. The game was sealed by Kareem Rush, when he sunk a three-pointer with only seconds to go in the game. This is kind of ironic because Charlotte has lost their last two games on three-pointers at the buzzer.

Carmelo Anthony scored 21 points for Denver, leading in the scoring. Martin added in 17 points. The team just seemed to not be giving its all.

"We came in and we were sluggish tonight. We fought at the end, but we just didn't have it tonight. Fatigue was the biggest key. We felt like we were playing hard, but obviously we weren't. We really need this break right now."
- Carmelo Anthony

The Nuggets go up against the Celtics next. Hopefully, their record will improve from 24-29.

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Skij Yesh On Domorrow-Walker said...

looking good so far tonight (after the first quarter, that is)! but then, taking it to Atlanta isn't that reassuring.